This Is where you will find rest songs and play songs.

In our family, we call rest songs Lula-byes.  You might think that it is because of my daughter Lucy Beth’s name, but that word came long before she came to our family.  I’ll tell you the story sometime.

Some songs will be with Champy, my husband, or as Lucy says ‘my king.’  I get to be the Queen of my home, and my hubby is the king.  (He even gave me a crown on the day we were married.  It’s called a wedding ring…it’s a crown I wear on my finger.).

Other songs will be with my friends or my princesses (of course if I am a Queen and my hubby is a King, then my daughters are Royal too).  Music is a big part of our Little Kingdom.


Here is our first song for January! It is both a Rest and a Play song! Lu and I lay down a brown blanket to be the ground and plant toy seeds underneath. Then we sing this song and pretend that we are snowflakes dancing and falling from our Cloud Mothers to the ground to be a blanket for the seeds. We put down a white blanket and sing the seeds to sleep until spring.

The second part of this song was written by my friend Stephanie, mom of Moses and Adi. I can’t wait to share her singing it soon!

I recorded this on my phone while I was walking baby Emma to sleep.

The story that goes with this song is over on the Story and poem page 😊

Guess what?!  My friend Daniel just made this great video of the song!!  You can see the snow!!  And can you hear instruments added?  I love having such a great Godfamily!